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DevOps is the practice of developer and operations teams working together to deliver better software, and ultimately better sync with optimum value to the organisation. Fundamental principles focus on continuously seeking innovative ways to break down silos through eliminate inefficiencies whilst improving development lifecycle timescale and maintaining a consistently high and optimum standard of software quality and reliability.

We work in conjunction with our customers to build and cultivate a DevOps culture; creating teams that adopt and value automation, real speed to market, and the real ability to iterate quickly in response to customer feedback. In addition to the real positive cultural value other benefits include to organisations range from increased business agility, cost optimisation, control and increased quality, shorter time to realising value and improved visibility.


We deploy continuous integration and delivery practices which in return reduce time to value realisation and improve engagement and ownership by software dev, prod and ops teams by building capability for the long term.


Our specialist team can help our clients create and operate frameworks for controlling design cost control financial systems for best consumption of cloud services and advising on how effectively they can consume cloud platform.


From improved micro services application delivery quality and utilisation to modernisation, the benefits of containerisation are abundance. We help our customers navigate the secured containerisation process, ensuring its optimum and smooth running. Our services includes creating an appropriate pipeline (build and deploy) along with setting up container orchestration frameworks like Docker, ECS and Kubernetes.


Our experience of using major infrastructure automation frameworks, such as CloudFormation, Terraform, CDK, Jenkins and Ansible, our specialist team can provide advice on the best fit to suit business needs. Our inhouse and available network of consultants are well versed in automation of both Windows and Linux infrastructures and have broad knowledge of available AWS services. We can also help you with Azure, GCP cloud platforms.


Our specialist in depth experience on the AWS platform, we help customers understand the state of their architecture, systems and respond rapidly and automatically to critical environment and resource changes. We have expert capability in CloudWatch Metrics, Logs, Log Insights and Alarms as well as X-Ray, Guard Duty, Config Rules and Cloud Trail to maintain optimum visibility of the health of entire environments which can also include hybrid and on premise.



Adoption to cloud is a real game changer for many organisation therefore migrating to the cloud has become a key enabler for organisations moving forward with change programs and transformation initiatives. Cloud adoption helps achieve scale, flexibility, and optimum software delivery practices such as TDD, iterative working, infrastructure as code, continuous integration and continuous delivery. These practices raise the quality of delivery teams by adopting practices which incorporates real resilience and quality into the development lifecycle.

With our specialists’ skills and knowledge in cloud migration, our customers can reap an array of ongoing realistic benefits, from gripping events such as on-premise data centre equipment renewals, cost optimisation through full utilisation of infrastructure, improved security and data governance, business agility with more productivity.

Our specialist experience includes designing, building, operating, maintaining and ultimately supporting cloud-native architecture. We assist our clients with the migration and re-architecture of existing on-premise systems which helps customers avoid costly mistakes and realise true cloud potential.


Our specialist team brings an in-depth knowledge and expertise in AWS Landing Zone. We help our customers navigate the platform to achieve best practice aligned to AWS automation.


Planning a VMC migration requires understanding of how workloads will perform when network latencies and traffic behaviours change during the migration phase. From setting up to providing guidance on best use, we can facilitate a successful migration.


We advice our customers by providing clear visibility in identifying which resources and activities are best positioned for migration. A total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis looks at the advantages of a cloud environment and also the real cost of running on-premise infrastructure Vs cloud.


Our consultant experience covers migrating a range of workloads including some of the most complex areas including those of the regulatory implications, our service covers advice, planning through to overall architecture, delivery assistance and operational and maintenance support.


Our extensive experience in designing, building and operating cloud native business architectures is aim to create long term vision and strategic returns on investment for our customers. These benefits range from business agility and modern efficient and secured architecture with minimal operational overhead.



Cloud native development is the process of architecting applications which are made for cloud environments. It is an approach of building applications scalable, maintainable and loosely coupled services utilising infrastructure from cloud providers. Cloud native apps deliver business value through automation, reduced costs, scalability, operational efficiency and continuous deployment to improve time to market and deliver excellent customer experience.

With our deep cloud native experience, we can help you fast-track product ideation and development. Focusing on understanding the end customer, our team of consultants works in collaboration to deliver value iteratively for internal or external-facing applications using an agile, DevOps approach.


Most regular apps have an operational and maintenance cost to run whether in use or not. We can assist our customers to go serverless and operate code in a more scalable, granular and cost-effective way.

Our mission is to change the face of leadership by helping organisations think differently about talent. For over a decade, our Green Park team have been exceeding expectations through our outstanding customer care and ‘right first time’ results, while building a reputation for ethical, inclusive, fair and transparent practices.


we help our customers free specific functionality or operations from larger, monolithic legacy applications and turn them into microservices.


The use of containers for software delivery provides encapsulation of runtime dependencies in a lean, efficient format that enables rapid development and high levels of confidence to operate. We help containerise existing applications, as well as designing and implementing new container-based systems.

Ways we can help achieve your business goals

Every project we deliver is built around a tailored approach, specific to the individual business’ requirements. Some of the key service areas that we specialise in are outlined below.

Cloud & DevOps

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