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In its simple form Risk management is an ongoing process that involves identifying, assessing and responding to individual risk. When it comes to cyber risk handling there are four ways to do so, these are mitigating the risk, transferring it, avoiding the risk or accepting the risk exposure.

Cybersecurity Risk and Your Organisation

Fundamental definition of Cyber risk is any risk associated with financial loss, disruption to operations or damage to an organisation’s reputation from a negative pull of event impacting the organisation’s information and/or information systems ability to serves its purpose.

Key examples include cybercrime, data breaches and system outages to name a few. Effective cyber risk management is not just having a firewall, log monitoring or deploying anti-virus software. Effectiveness of a cyber strategy involves a holistic view of people, processes and products to architect a secure, resilient and effective organisation.

We build effective cybersecurity strategy

Now a day’s technology is deeply embedded in almost everything we do as organisations become more technology reliant for competitive advantage. Due to this the cyber threat landscape continually changing making managing cyber risk ever complex.

Organisations are facing real challenge in finding the right mix of cyber talent, balancing risk with appropriate process and product and return on their cyber investment. We help organisations manage their risk, drawing upon years of industry experience of our partners and SME consultants within managing and deploying proven, practical, successful cost effective cyber security programs to many organisations across private and public sectors.

Our Capabilities

As technology becomes deeply ingrained in almost everything we do and as organisations become more reliant on information technology, the cyber security threat landscape continually changes making managing cyber risk increasingly more complex. Identifying and implementing the correct mix of people, process and product, balancing risk and reward and maximising the return on investment in security measures is a challenge for most organisations. We help organisations to manage their risk, we do this by leveraging our years and years of experience and knowledge from managing and deploying proven, practical, pragmatic, successful and cost-effective IT Security programs to many organisations across many different industry sectors.

We help you to:

Our Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Management Audit and Compliance:

Our Cybersecurity Consultancy practice provides guidance and our expertise to help you make informed decisions about addressing gaps and managing your risk. Our established partnership and network of SME specialists can help you to comply with standards such as the PCI DSS, VPDSS, ISM, NIST SCF and ISO 27001. Our consultants have extensive experience in designing and implementing risk management frameworks and processes.

Building Digital safety culture:

Information security is about managing risk and managing people. Without the human factor, no amount of money spent on technology or processes will work to reduce the risk of a data breach. People drive technology and as a result human error is the single biggest contributor and root cause of security incidents; however, spending on security awareness is often negligible compared with the amounts spent on security technology. We can help you make your employees a strong line of defence with people centric cybersecurity training. Digit People have established partnership with industry leading security awareness training solution.

Inhouse Security Team:

Digit People cybersecurity team augmentation service ensures you have the expertise in hand to deal with your cyber security challenges and respond to cybersecurity challenges rapidly and cost efficiently. At Digit People we have access to strong network of industry vetted cybersecurity SME specialists when you need it. We allow you to focus on your business rather than your staffing problems.

Rapid Access to Cybersecurity SME & Specialists

Ways we can help achieve your business goals

Every project we deliver is built around a tailored approach, specific to the individual business’ requirements. Some of the key service areas that we specialise in are outlined below.

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