Digital Transformation

Expert Technology Services for Digital Transformation

Digit People combine digital platform development skills with tailored technology integration skills and deep technical expertise. Through our strong partnership and SME Specialists network we build systems, products and solutions that optimises digital transformation goals.

Intelligent Approach to Business Innovation

At Digit People our delivery teams use a combination of Scrum, Kanban design thinking practices all based upon a strong bedrock of understanding of Agile and Lean principles and government GDS practice. Our approaches are fully tailored to suit the individual project circumstances and the priority is always driving great digital outcomes for our customers.

Our project team relentlessly focuses on identifying project blockers for effective delivery. Depending on when the team engagement is initiated, we can help organisations set things up in an agile, iterative model or ‘reset’ where things may have gone off track. In either case we’ll make sure clarity and transparency is visible every step of the way.

All of our engagements are structured and built upon creating sustainability by working with our clients’ delivery leaders to ensure that outcomes and improvements to delivery along with capability are fully maintained within the agreed time and on budget.

Design Studio for Digital Transformation

With technology moving faster than ever before, your differentiator is your user experience. We have strong partnership in place with SME UX/UI and Service Design consultants who has years of experience creating experiences that go beyond visual design. We can target projects with bespoke design approaches that are customised to specific business problems. We collaborate with our clients to create a solution that could add sustainable values to the end user.

Service Design

Organisations spent time, budget, logistics customer facing outputs however, many times the internal processes get overlooked. Our team of consultants and established partners can help you design your services so that they are not disjointed processes.

Service design creates a bridge by taking the:

Enterprise Application Integration

Digit People helps our clients connect business application and systems across entire organisation. Organisations requires multiple large systems to work together, we implement intelligent IT solutions which in turns enable business to develop new product and applications.

Large enterprises require custom, complex system integration as they have separate disparate systems which are crucial for business process to work effectively, drawing from the expert experience of our partners and specialist SME’s we can help organisations integrate new systems in companies existing framework.

Data engineering

Nowadays organisations performance depends on deep analysis of data and having the real insights on customer preference and behaviour. Data insights, predictive analytics helps organisations to be more agile and enhances operational efficiency for making informed decisions.

Digit People have strong partnership and access to network of Data specialists who excels at data engineering, platform engineering, data automation and data architecture. Having the right data architecture is pivotal as it creates the environment for continuous scalability.

We can help you with Data insights, Analytics and Automation

Ways we can help achieve your business goals

Every project we deliver is built around a tailored approach, specific to the individual business’ requirements. Some of the key service areas that we specialise in are outlined below.

Cloud & DevOps

CyberSecurity & Data

Digital Transformation

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