Employer Branding Importance in the talent acquisition

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Employer Branding Importance in the talent acquisition

Employer Branding -Importance in talent acquisition.

Employer Branding – Importance in Talent Acquisition

When we think about the term branding, things such as company slogan and logo pop up in our minds. We barely tend to think about the importance of employer branding. You must ask yourself, “Does your company have an effective employer branding strategy?” If no then it is surely missing out on recruiting talented candidates because it was found in a recent study that 95% of applicants take company reputation very seriously while deciding. So now you can imagine the importance of employer branding in talent acquisition? Let’s get into it and find out more about it.

Employer branding – What exactly it is?

It’s a process to attract top talent and candidates and retain them to your company. Employer branding plays an important role in encouraging employees to stay and grow, leading to the company’s overall success and growth. Every company wants to uphold a positive reputation and image in the industry to sell their services and products in the market. This is where employer branding comes in. In simple words, employer branding shows the world that you are an admirable employer.

What is the importance of employer branding?

When it comes to the recruitment of technology talent and top candidates, employer branding plays a very special role. Recently a Linkedin report states that good employer branding can help in reducing turnover rates by 28% and can attract more qualified job seekers.

Moreover, here are the top reasons for the importance of employer branding and why you should build a strong and effective employer branding strategy at your company.

Builds your reputation, image and brand identity

In this technological world, building an online presence is very important for the success of your business. Your clients, customers, and future employees visit your website and social media accounts. It was found that ¼ of job applicants use different social media platforms to get more information about the company’s reputation which is why you must maintain your presence online.

Clients and future employees tend to visit employer review websites to get to know what your current employees think about your company and whether they like working at your company or not. The reviews they encounter might impact their decision to apply to your company or not.

A strong presence online helps you enhance your brand awareness. Through your website and social media accounts, you can show the world your company’s culture, vision, mission, values and what’s it like to work at your company.

Helps in the recruitment of talent and top candidates

The main concept behind employer branding is the recruitment of tech talent. Also, it helps to attract, invite, engage and encourage the top tech talent and candidates to stay in your company. Having a strong and effective employer branding strategy at your company allows you to decrease the time and cost it takes to fill up a position.

Creates a good candidate experience

The recruitment process has changed over the years and has become more candidate-centered. Now the candidates choose the employer they want to work with. Job candidates are now interested in the values, vision, and mission of a company and its work environment. A strong employer branding strategy attracts candidates and impacts their decision to apply to the company.

Ensures greater performance and lesser employee turnover

Employer branding helps keep the employees engaged and reduces employee turnover. Your employer brand represents your company’s culture, work ethics, work environment and how employees are treated at your company. Providing a collaborative, motivational and healthy work environment along with many opportunities for excelling and growth helps engage your current employees and attract future employees.

Reduces hiring costs and encourages financial stability

It is very difficult to find top candidates and retain them in your company due to the many options available to employees in today’s time. The hiring process has become very costly. Advertising your jobs on different platforms is also costly. A strong employer branding strategy reduces recruitment time and costs because you do not have to put in a lot of effort to attract top talent.


In today’s time, employees have many companies to choose from. There is a lot of competition in attracting the top candidates and retaining them at your company. A strong employer branding strategy is what you need to tackle this problem. It will bring you the top talent and provide you with any other benefits as listed above.


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