Prepare for Your Interviews

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Prepare for Your Interviews

Quick tips on how to prepare for your interview

Do your research

Spend time conducting research into the company or organisation. Visit their website and read up on their product/services and the company’s background and vision for the future. Make sure you stay on top of current news which involves the company and have an overall awareness of their place within the market and who their competitors are. By knowing key information you can stand out over less prepared candidates.

Connect your CV and the Job description

Make sure you know your CV inside out; this will allow you to talk confidently about your past experiences and demonstrate your skills to the interviewer.  You want to demonstrate how your knowledge and skill set are a perfect match for the job description, highlight key parts of your CV which show the qualities which the job role requires.

Prepare questions to ask

Think of some quality questions which you can ask the interviewer, try to think of things which demonstrate you’re in depth knowledge around the company. This is an opportunity for you to be remembered by the interviewer against other candidates.

Practice your interview style

Preparation and practice are essential before your interview.  Do a rehearsal with a friend where they will ask you common interview questions and you can refine your answers making sure they are clear, concise and demonstrate all of your desirable qualities. Ask for honest feedback about your answers and iron out any stumbling areas.

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