Salary Negotiation

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Salary Negotiation

These tips will help you to negotiate the best salary for your new job.

Entering into dialogue with a potential employer about salary is never an easy task and too many employees overlook this.  By not taking the opportunity to negotiate salary you could be missing out on benefits which are available and which you deserve.

We have put together some key points which will help you negotiate with an employer.

  1. It is really important to do research before starting negotiations; this will put you in a stronger more informed position.  Make sure you research the current salary ranges for your job, including your skills, qualifications and experience. There are several websites which can assist you such as
  2. It is highly likely you will be asked what your current salary and expectations are.  It is best to be honest about your current salary as this will be checked when taking references and will reflect badly on you if you are found to be dishonest.  If you are asked by a prospective employer what is your salary expectation try not to give an exact number, and make sure you discuss the overall package on offer including any benefits which are the company can provide.  
  3. Use the knowledge and market experience of your recruitment consultant to guide you on what salary range you can expect for your skill set.
  4. Be sure to show your prospective employer all that you can bring to the job.  Make sure you demonstrate your experience, skills and overall value. You need to sell yourself and make the employer realises your value.
  5. Negotiating can be tense, however try not to show this in front of the employer, always remain professional, polite and courteous.  This will reflect positively on you.
  6. Don’t feel pressured to accept an offer straight away; you are perfectly within reason to ask for some time to consider the offer.   Use this time to decide whether you are really happy with the offer and everything on offer from the employer.

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