Top Cloud Technology Skills – Top Cloud Skills

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Top Cloud Technology Skills – Top Cloud Skills

Top Cloud Technology Skills – Top Cloud Skills

We are sure you must have heard about the Cloud. Everyone is using it nowadays, right? It is gaining popularity with each passing day, as new and old businesses are shifting towards the cloud. Cloud architects, cloud developers and cloud-native software engineers are all in demand by organizations. So what are the top cloud technology skills you should have? Let’s find out.


Security is an important aspect of the cloud because businesses store and retrieve sensitive and classified data through Cloud. So IT security is crucial for companies as a security breach can lead to theft of sensitive data, thus ruining the image and working of the organization.

This is why the need for this skill is growing. When designing and developing software, Cloud architects and Cloud developers keep in mind these factors. You can start with introductory lessons regarding the (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professionals (CCSP).

This will help you cover the basics and understand the cloud architecture, security patches, vulnerable aspects etc.  Then you can register for a complete course and give an exam for certification.

Other certifications that you can cover as your expertise moves forward are AWS Security Speciality, Azure Security Engineer associate, GCP Professional Cloud Security Engineer. Other security certifications include GIAC, CCSK, CompTIA Cloud+.

Cloud Migration and Deployment

Professionals with migrations and deployment skills are in demand because companies are shifting their systems to Cloud. This task requires professional skills in cloud computing so that the data is easily shifted and security is maintained.

If you have three main skills, including AZURE, GCP, and AWS, you have vast job opportunities in reputable and well-known organizations. And you are sure to reach higher in your career.

AWS skills in Cloud Endure, AWS Migration Hub, AWS Application Discovery Services, AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness (CART), AWS Migration Acceleration Program ( MAP), AWS Server Migration Services, AWS Database Migration service will make you stand out as an AWS migration and deployment consultant.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

If you want to improve your standing in the field, you need AI skills in addition to cloud computing. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are important components in the market. But since services and tools were made accessible that provide machine learning and AI applications that are cloud-based, these skills have become crucial.

According to AWS, the transfer of solutions using the cloud is referred to as MLaaS, short for Machine Learning as a service. You should get introductory lessons for AI and machine learning to better understand it. In addition to this, you should also know about QA automation skills to better yourself.

Database Language

Humans create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily around the world. And it is estimated that every day, 43 exabytes of data will be produced worldwide by 2025. But all this data in the databases can be put to good use and be beneficial for companies. This is why there’s a need for candidates with skills to store, manage and access the data using cloud computing skills like AZURE.

So it’s a great time to learn database languages like SQL and database designing, planning and administration. These databases are used every day in banking systems and online shopping, to name a few. Once you have learned the standard language, then you can also look into MySQL or MongoDB. GCP certifications can help you in your field.


DevOps came from developmental operations. It is a method for the development of software in which the whole cycle of the software (planning- maintenance) is taken into consideration by the Cloud-native software engineers.

This method of DevOps enables companies to update easily and effectively and also automate some of the updates. Continuous testing, monitoring, delivery, improvements and integration is involved here. It also includes technology that is used for testing QA automation tools. Strong experience in Shell, Linux, Python, YAML, Java, Jenkins is essential Like the rest of the skills, these skills are also important one and can make you stand out among your peers.


So now that you know the skills, you should step up your game and acquire them asap. Being skilled with the right skills can open up opportunities in today’s competitive world. Acquire these skills and get cloud computing certification to become a certified professional with a brighter future.


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